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Leon Waters, entrepreneur and concert promoter realized a ten year dream when he started Freshwater Corporation and the Freshwater bottled water enterprise. Freshwater Corporation formed a partnership with St. Louis Unlimited Water Processing because of their 30 years of experience and expertise in purifying and bottling water. FRESHWATER, LLC. serves as an independent sales and marketing firm with it's own proprietary label that directly represents Unlimited Water Processing. 


FRESHWATER LLC, was established in 1998. We guarantee no additives, preservatives, colors, or enhancements. 100% pure natural water as nature intended. Our water is sourced and processed in St. Louis, Missouri. St. Louis is famous for the purity of it's tap water. We take the water, process it through reverse osmosis/ozonation to remove the chemicals that were used which makes it the purest water that is drinkable.


With over 30 years of expertise and experience, Fresh Water, LLC. is proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader. Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of product and services to both retailers and customers.


In this rapidly changing industry, we’ve realized the importance of continually updating our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that. We invite you to browse through our inventory and contact us with any questions.



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