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Unbeatable Quality


FRESH WATER, LLC. provides a purified bottled water in 16.9 oz Eco-Friendly bottles. The water is sourced from a St. Louis Missouri Water Company which is processed by reverse osmosis and ozonation to remove micro-organisms and chemicals used to make the water drinkable. The final result is an all-natural and crystal clear water as pure as commercially marketable with no after taste. 


We offer the discerning bottle water customer who values a natural, pure and great tasting drinking water experience a commitment to provide a high quality product that has been tested by an independent lab for consistency in purity and taste. We pledge that our consumers will receive the promise that's state directly on the bottle "FRESH WATER" each and every time the lid is opened!


Our target market is the discerning bottle water consumer that values and recognizes a brand name that's synonymous with quality and willing to pay a premium for the experience. We believe that the other bottled water companies have missed the mark in expressing the importance of water as a basic element for life. With our brand name as the backbone our customers will recognize the importance of drinking 64 oz of water daily for rehydration and cleansing of their body. 

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