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Here you will find the latest news that FreshWater is involved in. Everything from sports to community event news. Check back often to see the latest!

CEO Leon Waters attended an armature boxing event in St. Louis and met with Professional Boxer Von Alexander  "The Animal" also of St. Louis

Trusted. Proven.

Professional fighter Ronnie Austion grabs a bottle of the Purest and Best Tasting Water on the Planet straight from his fridge.                   Staying hydrated is key for athletes to be able to function at high levels. 

Fun Race Fact:
It's usually about 30 to 40 degrees [Fahrenheit] hotter inside the car than the outside  temperature

What changes are being made to Atlanta Motor Speedway?

The 1.5-mile oval was repaved and reconfigured following its July 2021 race, with Speedway Motorsports changing the corner banking from 24 degrees to 28 degrees 

and widening the front-stretch in an effort to promote superspeedway-style racing similar to Daytona and TalladegaFresh Water was represented

at the first races of the new track!

The "New" Atlanta

Smooth turquoise water_edited.jpg
drop of water if it could
write out its own history,
would explain the
universe to us."

Lucy Larcom

History Repeats Itself, Water Is For Life

Past. Present. Future.



Fresh Water Sponsors Events

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Triton Pantry

The Plumbing Industry Council Community Outreach donated 96 cases of Fresh Water  to the Univ. off Missouri - St. Louis Triton Pantry.

 The Triton Pantry is a food resource for any enrolled UMSL student who is experiencing or is at risk of food insecurity or hunger. 

9 Reasons To Make Water Your College Best Friend

  • Happier mood. Dehydration negatively affects your mood and causes you to feel sluggish

  • Increased energy

  • Healthier and better looking skin

  • Maintain or lose weight

  • Reduce risk of cancer

  • Prevent and relieve headaches

  • Balanced body fluids

  • Save money

  • Hair Growth 

Photo Credit: Ray Hefner PIC

Pictured left to right: Ray Hefner, Executive Vice President, CAE, Leon Waters, Fresh Water Owner, Xavier Gassier, Chief Operating Officer, MEM, Shereka Kemp, UMSL Pantry Representative 

Established in 1967, the Plumbing Industry Council addresses member issues of concern including labor relations, business practices legislation, code and regulatory issues, industry standards, requirements and regulations affecting the plumbing industry, as well as job site safety.

Fresh Water Donates to DGM Racing

In addition to race car drivers, the crew guys work hard in the hot, demanding sun for several days at a time during a long race weekend. It is just as important for them to stay hydrated to avoid fatigue and heat exhaustion and to stay focused and alert in order to best serve their teams.

Photo Credits: Daryn Weatherman

Video Credits: 5 Alarm Logistics

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