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What Makes St. Louis water the best?

The Water Wizard- John F. Wixford

In 1902, when David Francis was planning the World’s Fair, he confronted Mayor Rolla Wells in a panic—not because St. Louisans were choking down water that stained porcelain sinks but instead because we just had to have clean water for the cascades at the summit of Art Hill. Wells bluffed, said not to worry; we’d have clean water by May 1904, when the Fair opened. “But tell me how,” Francis pressed. “I will not tell you how, Dave. Just take my word for it. I have a plan.”

Just as promised Mr. Wixford produced the purest and best tasting water of all time.



"The Purest and Best Tasting Water On The Planet..."

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This video has been deleted.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling. Take a peak how we roll out our labels for our eco-friendly water bottles that contain "The Purest and Best Tasting Water On The Planet"

(Credit: Leon Waters, Owner Fresh Water, LLC.)

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